Jim's Rules of Baseball Answered

Official Baseball Rules (not NCAA or High School)

by Jim Booth

The Official Rules of Baseball are used by Little League, PONY,
Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken League as well as American Legion and others.

The purpose of this page is to provide answers and explanations to questions regarding BASEBALL rules,
and make a rules training video and training manual available for purchase.

The book is an excellent umpire manual for baseball umpires

Baseball Rules in Plain English (Book & Video)

Third Edition current with 2011 Official Rules

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The entire Professional rule book is on-line at: Major League Baseball® Rules

Little League Baseball, Inc.

Last Updated: March 21, 2017

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That being stated. I have 27 years experience as a baseball and softball umpire. I have attended two professional training camps and both, the weekend rules camp, and week long umpire training school, at Western Region Headquarters, Little League Baseball, Inc.®

I am a certified Little League® umpire and former Chief Umpire for California District 3.  I study the rules year-round and I have an extensive library of books and materials on umpiring. It is my policy to only publish answers or interpretations that I have verified and proven to be correct. If I publish an interpretation that is my opinion only, I will state that fact.